We are specialists in Family Law based in São Paulo, Brazil. We have dealt with sensitive issues in a humanized, positive and efficient way for more than 30 years.

Our goal is to preserve your family’s needs, bringing legal solutions that are cost effective, highly skilled and compassionate. If you want to know a little more about our principles, visit our mission statement page.

We speak English, Spanish and Italian.


You may have noticed from your Google searches that quality Brazilian lawyers who speak fluent English in the field of Family Law are quite rare. Perhaps you were able to talk to someone directly, and found that the level of communication was not as good as expected. Unfortunately this is something quite common. Brazil is a vast, continental country, with Spanish-speaking neighbors. Therefore many of the English-speaking lawyers prefer to focus on areas of law where the need to communicate with people from other countries is most evident.

In our case, we have professionals with international experience, fluent English and who work in the field you need: family Law. If you are looking for a good lawyer who speaks your language, do not hesitate to contact us to see for yourself. We are prepared to give you the best assistance in Brazil, in an effective and humanized way, to defend your interests in family law.

What to look for in a good Family Lawyer in Brazil

What qualities do you consider essential for a family lawyer?

The range is theoretically broad, but the problem usually comes down on a single piece of paper: the CV. And it could not be different. This is undoubtedly an extremely important factor in the selection process of any professional, in any field of expertise. But the issue here is more specific. You are not looking for a common lawyer, but for one that can solve very sensitive issues within the core of your family. To be a good professional on paper is not enough.

Legal culture and combativeness are indispensable qualities, but to excel one must go further: it’s necessary to deal with people, be sensitive to their problems and respond in an appropriate way.

We are fully aware of our role and have what it takes to implement the solutions: we value conflict coaching, collaborative practice and human services. Family law problems require more than a legal solution, and we go the extra mile.

Ernesto Rezende Neto is an expert in Family Law with almost 40 years of experience, who underwent training in Family Dynamics and is a lecturer in the mediation sector of the INSTITUTE Familiae and The School for Public Prosecutors of São Paulo (Escola Superior do Ministério Público de São Paulo).

Family Law Firm in Brazil: Proceeders and actions

To submit your legal questions or discuss the circumstances of your case, please contact us. email:  WhatsApp: +55 11 9 8389 2403. Telephone: (11) 3079-1837 or (11) 3071 – 0918 – Open Hours: Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 18:00 hours.

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