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Social Development and LGBT rights in Brazil - LGBTIQ+ Lawyers in Brazil

The world has changed. Today the Law and Judiciary are finally beginning the process of social integration of the large LGBT community. The concept of family has developed and now the State also protects same-sex marriages, fact that  brings law a step closer to reality.
Even so, much of Brazil's population still suffers from barbaric acts of discrimination and prejudice related to sexual orientation or identity. Millions of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual and transgender people are still, in many ways, being disrespected as citizens and receiving unequal treatment.
As said, the situation has greatly improved in recent years, but we still need to go further. If it is true that in Brazil we are "all equal before the law, without distinction of any kind",  so the unequal treatment given of LGBT+ population must end. And this doesn't refer only to personal attacks originated from homophobia, biphobia or lesbophobia. Old public policies must keep changing. Laws and jurisprudence must evolve to adapt to this reality.

This is done only with determination. We are one of the very few Law Firms in Brazil specialized in homosexual rights. We publicly embraced the cause of LGBT people and fight for the defense of their rights Civil.

Many of these situations can now be corrected with the appropriate legal remedies, while others are still under discussion and continue to generate controversy.

Our services cover the following topics in the field of LGBT Rights in Brazil:

Civil Law:

  • damages due to discrimination based on gender identity and sexual expression;
  • damages due to discrimination based on sexual orientation;
  • Compensation due to aggression against LGBT rights in social, family or work environment;
  • Compensation due to Homophobia in general

Family and Succession Law:

  • Recognition of stable marriage for same-sex couples
  • Civil partnership for gay couples, transsexual and transgender
  • questions related to health insurance
  • retirement rights
  • adoptions by homosexual couples
  • separation and dissolution of partnership agreement
  • divorce and separation for same sex marriages
  • probate proceedings due to death of spouse

Register Office Matters

  • name change due to sexual identity
  • birth registration of children for same-sex couples

For more information or for questions related to your specific problem, please contact us by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or make a call to +55 11 3079-1837.


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