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Discussion about fees are often treated as taboo by the legal community in Brazil, even by guests, but the truth is that the  general guidelines for pricing is already given by the Article 36 of the Code of Ethics and Discipline of the Brazilian Bar Association (Código de Ética e Disciplina da Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil). This set of rules states that fees should be fixed in moderation, in accordance with:

  • a) the relevance, the size,  the complexity and difficulty of the matters considered;
  • b) work and time required;
  • c) the possibility of preventing the lawyer of working in other cases;
  • d) the economic value of the case, the economic condition of the customer and the profit resulting from the lawyer's professional service;
  • e) the nature of the intervention, depending on whether the service is occasional, regular or permanent;
  • f) the location in which the services will take place, if it is close the the lawyers domicile or far away from it;
  • g) the Lawyers competence and reputation;
  • h) the local custom for similar works.


Check here the price list given by the Brazilian Bar Association (Portuguese only). You will find there the minimum fees charged for specific legal services - but please have in mind that lawyers are free to stipulate his own fees and conditions, always in accordance with the elements presented by the Article 36 above, and in particular with the item "g" ("expertise and reputation"). Therefore, the prices established there are a starting point and will not necessarily reflect those charged by REZENDE NETO ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS  or any other law firms. For any questions or special requests, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Factors influencing the determination of the Fees to be charged, according to the Code of Ethics and Discipline of OAB

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Values ​​for the provision of Extrajudicial Services

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