Ernesto Rezende Neto


Ernesto Rezende Neto advogadoLawyer specialist in Civil Litigation, Family, Probate, Real Estate and Condominial Law, active since 1979;Registered at the Brazilian Bar Association (Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil), São Paulo, under number 79.263;

Specialization in Real Estate Business by FAAP, class of 1998;

Post-graduate in Alternative Methods of Conflict Resolution at Escola Paulista da Magistratura;

Trained in Corporate Mediation by Professor Ron Kelly, at the Universidade da Califórnia, Berkeley, USA;

Founding partner of Mediativa - Institute of Transformative Mediation;

Member of the Mediation Chamber of Secovi – São Paulo;

Lecturer at Superior Escola Superior do Ministério Público de São Paulo; FAMILIAE Institute; Escola Paulista de Direito (EPD); and Instituto dos Advogados de São Paulo (IASP);

Executive Coordinator of FONAME, Forum Nacional de Mediação;

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Mario Solimene Filho

Mario Solimene Sociedade Individual de Advocacia - Registro de sociedade de Advogados OAB/SP nº 17.216

Registro de contrato de Associação com Ernesto Rezende Neto Advocacia junto à OAB/SP em 23/04/2018, Lv. 01, fls. 451/453, R 083

Mario Solimene Filho advogadoLawyer graduated from the Faculty of Lay, University of São Paulo (USP - Largo de São Francisco), class of 1994, with specialization in Private Law and Civil Procedure;

Registered at the Brazilian Bar Association, São Paulo (Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil), under number 136,987;

Postgraduate diploma (Pg.Dip.) from the University of Manchester (UK, 2004) and Master Degree from RNCM, (UK, 2006);

Certified in International Human Rights course under the supervision of Professor Laurence Helfer, J.D, Coursera, School of Law, Duke University, USA (2015);

Volunteer at Lawyers Without Borders and member of the International Society of Family Law;

Worked various cases for the defense of citizenship and Human Rights in Brazil, England, Germany, Israel and Palestinian Territories;

Fluent in English, Spanish, Italian and German.

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